Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Del
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta
Abu Camp - Abu Concession - Okavango Delta


A Wilderness safaris Camp - Abu is all about elephants! Immerse yourself in the world of the African elephant and see the African bush and its wildlife through the eyes of the elephants – by joining the Abu herd. You will form an emotional bond with the herd that is both humbling and inspiring and at the same time, gain an understanding of elephant conservation – which is philosphy on which Abu is based.


Abu Concession - Okavango Delta

Camp and Wildlife

Named after a very special bull elephant, Abu is set in a pristine copse of riverine forest and blends in with the magnificent surrounding hardwood trees. 

Looking out over a large lagoon an imaginative use of canvas has created a unique and luxurious style of tent. Each of the six en-suite tents has its own distinctive furnishings and fittings and features both an indoor and outdoor shower, an outdoor copper bath and a plunge pool sunk into the elevated teak deck. The multi-decked lounge and dining area and a well-stocked library and study, gym and pool will keep you entertained, informed and energised while at Abu.

The essence of Abu is the experience of being part of an elephant herd in its natural habitat. However, unlike some of the water-inundated areas of the Okavango Delta, the Abu Concession varies from open grasslands to secluded island sanctuaries and papyrus-fringed channels. This variety of natural habitats allows for an abundance of general game. Giraffe, zebra, elephant, impala, tsessebe, lechwe, wildebeest, buffalo and warthog roam the 180 000 hectares. Lion often move through the area too and can sometimes be heard calling at night, while hyaena and leopard are resident and so are encountered more frequently.

This camp is powered by a hybrid system, combining solar energy and a generator; however, the generator is only used for eight hours a day. Waste water (sewage and grey water) is treated in an Above Ground Sewage Plant, ensuring that the water is clean before entering the natural system. In order to reduce our use of bottled water, reverse osmosis filtration is done on site to provide guests with high-quality drinking water. Like all Wilderness camps, Abu Camp is managed and monitored against very strict in-house environmental standards, so only approved eco-friendly detergents and chemicals are used.


Activities offer an all-encompassing insight into the world of the Abu elephant herd, including walking with them and observing their daily rituals and routines.  Additionally, you can enjoy 4 x 4 games drives in the morning and afternoon/evening, mokoro safaris and walking safaris.

Enjoy an aerial safari exploring remote and unutilised areas of the Okavango Delta. Scan for wildlife crossing through the iconic serpentine channels, an unforgettable experience. Or spend a night in the Abu Star Bed - the ultimate experience into the sensory world of the elephant. The raised platform is above the elephant boma so you’ll be lulled to sleep by the contented rumbling of the Abu herd below!

Giving Back

Abu is all about elephant conservation. The camp supports scientific research projects and hopes that the herd members can help raise awareness about the plight of the African elephant species as a whole.

Abu Camp’s vision is to return elephants that have spent much of their life in captivity back into the African wild and to allow scientists to study their movements and behaviour. In this way these reintroduced elephants can contribute significantly to our understanding of the conservation issues that the species faces. The Camp was originally opened for elephants who had been trained for film or other captive situations. Since then some have joined the herd after having been found injured or lost, while others were born into it. Since the inception of Abu, nine elephants have been successfully reintroduced into the wild.

Abu Camp works with local NGOs and researchers to develop and advance a conservation agenda that includes not only trying to save Africa’s elephants, but also the ecosystems they rely on for survival and the many different species which live alongside them.


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