10 Night Photographic Safari to central India – A Private Journey

Tadoba, Pench and Kanha Tiger Parks

This itinerary has been designed for someone keen on wildlife photography and creates opportunity to get the best chance to photograph some iconic wildlife of India such as the Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Golden Jackal, Sloth Bear and the Melanistic Leopard or the Black Panther if you are lucky. You will either be accompanied by a naturalist/wildlife photographer or for a more economic option we will asign wildlife photographer guides at each lodges.

We recommend this itinerary to be explored at two different times of the year to showcase very different perspectives of the jungle. If you as a photographer enjoy lush green background and thick winter coats of wildlife, the rising mist on the river on an early morning drive you should plan your visit in November and/or December. These are months of the year just after the monsoons and the life in the park is thriving. It is also a great time to explore macro photography. Massive wood spiders would have built their webs across trees and the morning dew caught on these strings makes for stunning macro photographs. It is also the time of the year when frogs, dragonflies, spiders, butterflies will be more active. Needless to say, the foliage too will be thicker making is a bit more challenging to seek out the big cats. However, the slanting rays of morning light filtering through the trees will transport you into the scenic jungles that you once imagined in the Jungle Book.

Should you be keener to photograph big cats and larger mammals and get more opportunity to find them the warmer and drier months of March and April will be ideal. The foliage has already dried out and withered away letting you see deeper into the thicket. Mercury by now will be creeping closer to 40 degrees and waterbodies would be far and few. This is the time when chances of finding animals near waterbodies goes up and they are out in the open, giving us the photographer better opportunities. It is a perfect time to photograph tigers lounging in water bodies.

The parks envisaged for this experience are Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Pench Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve. Tadoba today gives one the highest probability to see the Bengal Tiger in the wild in India. It is also one of the three parks which has a melanistic leopard giving you the chance of photographing the Black Panther. Pench offers a great opportunity to photograph the Leopard, Golden Jackal, Dhole and on rare occasion the Indian Grey Wolf. Kanha is probably the largest of the three parks and is the only park home to the Hard ground Barasingha It is also a forest largely dominated by the Sal tree making it greener and cooler than the other two. One has a good chance to find the Sloth Bear along with the Bengal Tiger.

Best time to travel: November – December or March – April


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