12 Night Indian Bear Extravaganza


A wonderful itinerary taking in the diversity of bear species in India – alongside India’s diverse bird and wildlife.  Plan to visit in late September or early April:



  • Brown Bears – are found in Mushkow Valley near Dras in Western Ladakh. They are the only bears in India which hibernate. Other species are forest bears. They come out of hibernation in end-March / beginning April. It is the best time to see them as they are more active and come quite close to the villages. Photography is best in April.
  • Himalayan Black Bears – are best seen in Dachigam National Park at the edge of Srinagar. Though they can be seen the year around, it is easiest to find them in September when oak acorns drop and the bears feast on them.
  • Sloth Bears – are best seen in Satpura Tiger Reserve through both these periods.

One thing to keep in mind is that Satpura remains closed for tourist activities in September, so it is best to plan so that you reach Satpura in the beginning of October. If you are most interested in brown bears, you should ideally plan to visit in April so that you see the brown bears at a relatively close distance.  Please also bear in mind that the viewing of Brown Bears is not like Alaska or Kamchatka, where you can get really close.


This itinerary can easily be extended to include more of India as this itinerary is tailored to your exact requirements.  You have the whole of central India at your doorstep so why not extend your wildlife adventure to experience Pench, Khana, Bandhavgarh and Tadoba.

If your extension takes you to Agra, we recommend visiting the Sloth Bear Sanctuary just outside the city to see the fabulous work they are undertaking there rescuing dancing street bears.  If you have a few days to spare, we can arrange some voluntary work at the Sanctuary – please ask!

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