With its glistening and mystical summit regularly peaking out from billowy clouds, Mount Kilimanjaro is perhaps one of the most recognised images of Africa.

It has been a mountain of myth and superstition throughout the centuries, for anyone who sees it from either land or air, must wonder ‘what must it be like to stand on the “Roof of Africa” and look down from Uhuru Peak’s snowy summit, to the vast plains some 5,896m below?’ Seeing Kilimanjaro for the first time on a clear day is a vision you will never forget.

However, unless you have scaled it, you will never get the true sense of its towering majesty. There are several walking or scrambling routes to the summit, accessible for anyone who is determined and reasonably fit. Rongai and Marangu routes are the easiest, while Machame, Shira and Lemosho provide more difficult ascents.

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