Leopard Conservation Safari
Leopard Conservation Safari
Leopard Conservation Safari


Our comfortable Leopard Tracks safari is a safari with a twist – enjoy a fantastic safari in South Africa visiting the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands AND get involved with leopard conservation!

Everyone hopes to see the infamous big five when on Safari (Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo), and of-course soak up the atmosphere, sights and sounds of Africa. This safari aims to provide all those things (mother nature permitting), but more than that, you are likely to gain a lasting insight into the real African bush.

For example, to understand what a Leopard track looks like and how it is just like a finger print, or what the barking noise you heard during the night meant (alarm call of a bush buck, who knows a predator is around), or what that smell of pop corn means as you pass a bush (female leopard in estrous).

This safari offers you the opportunity to be involved with work in conservation and particularly with Leopards in a level of comfort. Meet and be involved with conservationists, help to set trail cameras to monitor the nightly happenings, or just simply take time to sit viewing an Elephant understanding its behaviour and the heard dynamics.

Leopard Conservation Safari

This safari not only provides the normal morning and evening style game viewing, but allows the opportunity to ‘get involved’ with conservation work and understanding animal behaviour and conservation issues. An unforgettable experience.

Make your £££'s work for leopard conservation!

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