Zambezi River and riverine – Above the Victoria Falls, open water habitat with varying degrees of wide channel, low rocky islands and densely vegetated riverine islands. Along the banks generally dense stands of Jackal-berry, Mangosteen and other riverine species mixed in with some Real Fan Palms (Accessible while at Victoria Falls from either the River Club or other accommodation). Slightly different sub-habitat and thus bird species occur downstream of Kariba in the Zambezi Valley at Mana Pools / Ruckomechi. Here the river is comprised of broad channels with occasional large islands. The predominant riverside vegetation is floodplains covered in mature Fairherbia albida trees. Pockets of riverine woodland also occur (best accessed from Ruckomechi).
Victoria Falls rain forest – This very small patch of rainforest occurs on the southern side of the Victoria Falls and is sustained by the spray from the Falls.
Mopane woodland – Large areas south of the Zambezi at Victoria Falls and at Mana Pools (Ruckomechi) are dominated by this species in a variety of associations. It is less common in south eastern Hwange (Makalolo & Linkwasha).
Broad-leafed woodland (Teak / Miombo) – This habitat type occurs around Victoria Falls and also in Hwange and is comprised of broad-leafed species like Zambezi teak or those species associated with miombo woodland like Brachystegia.
Open grassland and vlei systems – These plains areas occur with some regularity between the woodland areas in the Hwange concessions of Makalolo Plains and Linkwasha and are the focus for game viewing as well as for some bird species.

Some sought after bird species associated with each habitat type are as follows:

  • Zambezi River and riverine – Schalow’s Turaco, Rock Pratincole, African Skimmer, Collared Palm-Thrush, Livingstone’s Flycatcher, Western Banded Snake-Eagle, Rufous-bellied Heron, Northern Grey-headed Sparrow, Grey-headed Parrot, Böhm’s and Mottled Spinetails, White-crowned Plover, Lillian’s Lovebird.
  • Victoria Falls rainforest – Schalow’s Turaco, White-browed Robin-Chat.
  • Mopane woodland – Three-banded Courser, Dickinson’s Kestrel
  • Broad-leafed woodland (Teak / Miombo) – Racket-tailed Roller, Bradfield’s Hornbill, White-breasted Cuckoo-Shrike, African Golden Oriole, Eurasian Golden Oriole, Arnott’s Chat,
  • Open grassland and vlei systems – Kori Bustard, Ostrich,

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