Diving off the Kenya coast is a fantastic way to finish your Kenyan safari and there are is a huge choice of accommodation and dive establishments along the coast for all levels from beginners to advanced divers.

The coast that stretches north and south from Mombasa is paralleled by low lying coral reefs. Its basic structure is of hard corals which form small drop offs and gentle sloping banks – the corals tend to be slower growing, hardier varieties that can survive the pounding Indian ocean swells. There are lots of colourful fish and if you are lucky, you may see a whale shark or manta ray.

Lamu is the largest island in an archipelago of seven and is a very quiet in terms of visitors. Dive sites are located a way offshore and most resorts can make arrangements to dive. Kiwayu, in the Kiunga Marine Reserve, can prebook diving for our guests.

The local dives in Malindi are within the Malindi Marine Park and around 15 minutes away from the dive centres. Most sites are less than 20m deep which is ideal for the fringing corals to flourish. Diving is poor in December, when the wind changes and washes poor-visibility estuarine water from the Sabaki River into the area.

Watamu has its own Marine Park, which is connected to the Malindi Marine Park to form a protected biosphere reserve. There are around 20 dive sites in the park, all permanently buoyed. Beginners enjoy dive sites within the protected Turtle Bay and for experienced divers. most of the dive sites are on the outside of the fringing reef system. Water is mostly clear and due to the oceanic nature of the dives, there is generally some current.

Mombasa is an island in the middle of a large bay and most of the dive sites are along the coast to the north of the town. Marine life is excellent with numerous turtles, whitetip reef sharks and lots of varieties of fish.

South of Mombasa are the resorts of Tiwi, Diani and Galu beaches which line one long stretch of sandy coastline ending at Gazi Bay. There is a fringing reef system with dive sites dotted along around 20-30 minutes from the shore by boat.

Tracks Safaris have a selection of hotels and lodges offering superb diving, accommodation and relaxation which are ideally situated to combine with your Kenyan safari.

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