Annual Migration Calendar through Kenya and Tanzania

This movement is constant and exact locations cannot be guaranteed, for the migration simply follows the annual rains in search of good grazing pastures. The following guide is a general overview for reference only. Please contact us for the latest migration update, as our guides on the ground can provide more accurate positions.

November – April/May

The animals congregate on the short grassy plains of the southern and eastern Serengeti, which includes the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Calving generally occurs between February and March.

April/May – June

Following the end of the rains, the migration gradually heads north-west towards the western corridor and Grumeti.

June – July/ August

During these months most of the migration heads north and overflows into the Masai Mara.

August – November

The migration stays in the Masai Mara during this period, until the new rains prompt the move southwards again.

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