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African Wild Dog Safaris

Wild dogs, Painted Wolves, African Hunting Dogs – colourful, charismatic, sociable, fun, expressive, endangered – and one of the most successful hunters in Africa! If you are interested in seeing the African Wild Dog then give us a ring! We love wild dogs and we know all the best areas, camps and even dedicated safaris …

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Photographic Safaris

A photographic safari is a wonderful opportunity to hone your photographic skills and learn new photographic techniques whilst enjoying the thrill an African wildlife safari – a win win scenario for many of our guests! All of our safaris can be classed as ‘photographic’ and most of our guests do take photographs and download them …

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Green Season Safaris

GREEN SEASON OR EMERALD SEASON SAFARIS A wonderful time to visit Africa – and often the best value with prices falling to around 50% compared to peak season! The rains vary in the timing of their arrival from country to country and also vary from light showers to stunning thunder and lightning storms. With the …

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Conservation Safaris

Enjoy a fabulous safari whilst ‘putting back’ valuable funds into wildlife, local communities and the environment – or all three! In keeping with Tracks Safaris ethos of ‘putting back’ most of the safaris we offer automatically use lodges and camps which are actively contributing to conservation in the area they operate in, assisting local communities …

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Camelback Safaris

Tracks Safaris are delighted to offer walking and camelback safaris to a number of countries in Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa. Perhaps the most extensive variety of walking safaris accompanied by camels are available in northern Kenya – most specifically the Laikipia region. Enjoy just a few hours, or for the more …

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Bird Safaris

Both East and Southern Africa are a treat for experienced and novice ornithologists – indeed these areas are some of the best in the world to view birdlife. Over 900 species have been recorded in Southern Africa and more than 130 are endemic to the region or neighbouring countries. All of our safaris can be …

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