Camelback Safaris

Tracks Safaris are delighted to offer walking and camelback safaris to a number of countries in Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa.

Perhaps the most extensive variety of walking safaris accompanied by camels are available in northern Kenya – most specifically the Laikipia region. Enjoy just a few hours, or for the more adventurous your itinerary can include a longer experience of 2 – 6 days and typically you can walk from camp to camp or you can fly camp with the camels carrying essential supplies. On mobile safaris your camp is moved daily by camels and our team of Samburu / Masai warriors.

Enjoy the total peace and tranquility of walking in remote areas of Africa, riding silently on your camel through the bush. There is much less disturbance to the wildlife and your scent is camouflaged by the camels allowing you to get closer. You are riding up high which offers a wonderful perspective and allows you to see further and enjoy the stunning views

Arab traders have used this mode of transport for centuries, which has been adopted by northern Kenya’s Turkana and Samburu tribes. The camels are very gentle natured and used to walking with both adults and children and each camel is led by an experienced local warrior.

If you would like to combine a camel safari into your itinerary then we know the very best places in Africa – call us on 01984 667420 or email [email protected] to start planning your African adventure!

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