Elephant Interaction Experiences

Watching elephants in the wild is one of the greatest pleasures on safari – but you can get a little closer! There are a number of reserves and national parks throughout Africa which offer guests the chance to meet and interact with a herd of habituated elephants and some allow you to walk in the bush with the elephants – a very unique experience!

Some lodges offer the opportunity to meet the elephants, touch and stroke and perhaps feed them, whilst at others you can go out on a walk with elephants through the bush – a wonderful experience as they pad silently along tracks. Elephants have the most amazing skin – very rough, hairy and warm! They use their trunks with amazing precision and dexterity, picking up the smallest of stones with the very end using thousands of muscles in their trunks.

Whichever interaction you choose to do the experience is quite magical and very unique.

To walk with an elephant through the African savannah is an unforgettable experience – listen to the sounds of the African bush and hear the elephants gently rumble softly next to you …

We know the very best places to incorporate an elephant interaction into your itinerary – in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Whilst elephant interactions and walking with elephants are available at many lodges and camps throughout Africa, we only recommend a few. These are experiences we have researched and experienced ourselves and which are ethical in their operation.

Abu Camp – Abu Concession – Okavango Delta, Botswana – the camp has now stopped thier elephant interaction

Camp Jabulani – Kapama Private Game Reserve – South Africa

Elephant Camp – Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Sanctuary Stanleys Camp – Okavango Delta, Botswana

Elephant interaction and walking with elephants can also be arranged from nearby lodges/camps or during your stay in Livingstone and Victoria Falls as a day safari – call us on 01984 667265 or email [email protected] to start planning your African Adventure!

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