Fishing and diving at camps in South Africa – we recommend the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park which is regarded as the premier dive site in South Africa and is also well known as fishing destination. Catch and release is practised and many of the lodges.

Kingfish (also known as Jack Crevelle or Trevally), and in particular the Giant Kingfish Caranx ignobilis, is the most sought after species at Rocktail. Fishing is possible all year round but the best time for fly-fishing is in the summer months from late October to the end of March around the time of spring tides, especially when high tide is between 04h30 and 06h30. A fly rod in the 10# –12# class and a good reel is essential. Normally intermediate line is best and flies to use are Lefty’s Deceivers and Clouser’s Minnows in various colours (chartreuse and white are excellent). There is also good fishing in the Kosi Bay area and excursions can be arranged if there is sufficient advanced warning at additional cost. Some fishing for Kingfish is done at night on bait and fish of 40 kg’s plus have been recorded. Throwing a big popper on a surf stick is also popular, but big kingfish have the ability to break you off on the rocks often.

People who want to fish must usually bring their own equipment – please check before travelling. We can recommend other locations in South Africa to fish – please ask!

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