Tracks Safaris are delighted to offer a new community tourism safari which encapsulates the very meaning of 'making your footprint count'.

In five conservancies in the magnificent north-west Kunene Region the rural people you will meet own the company and are your hosts. All profits from the safari business go to the 1,800 members of these conservancies so you know you are making a real difference.

Kunene Conservancy Safaris

The main stakeholders of Kunene Conservancy Safaris are the Himba and Herero semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in the Puros, Orupembe, Sanitatas, Okonjombe and Marienfluss conservancies.

From the conservancy hosts through to administrative staff, the vision of 'making your footprint count' really is important. The team is highly experienced and includes local conservancy guides who will provide a fascinating insight into life in the Kunene region.

Kunene Conservancy Safaris

These safaris will appeal to the discerning traveller who wants to make his or her ecological footprint count by taking part in one of the most successful community conservation initiatives in Africa.




Enjoy the best of both worlds – a top class safari into a remote, spectacular part of north-west Namibia where you will be welcomed as guests, not merely tourists, by the community owners of the company. The experience is authentic, intimate and exclusive. The skilled back-up team ensures there are no compromises on eco-safari standards, safety or luxury.

Kunene Conservancy Safaris

Visitors can experience being a conservancy guest while at the same time ensuring that meaningful social and economic benefits flow to the very people who have to bear the costs of living with wildlife.



The tours are flexible and responsive to local situations and the only parts of the experience we guarantee is that our guests will be helping to secure a future for wildlife and its custodians; that they will take back once in a lifetime memories of awe-inspiring untamed landscapes, its wild animals and the remarkable, resourceful people who live there.

Kunene Conservancy Safaris

Guests will be able to explore off the beaten track parts of conservancies and join conservancy activities including:





  • Experience stress relieving solitude and watch free roaming wildlife in a wild land without fences, knowing your presence is making conservation sustainable for the people who live in this vast region.
  • Meet and hear the stories of the conservancy game guards, the men who protect the desert wildlife – black rhino, desert adapted elephant, giraffe, gemsbok, springbok, lion, leopard and cheetah.
  • Go on guided wildlife and nature walks, including rhino tracking with conservancy game guards.
  • Visit local traditional leaders and see how conservancy staff and members live and work. Hear the real problems and their local solutions.
    Enjoy a traditional meat feast and taste desert goat. Guests will be expected to join in the singing and dancing and share songs from their own country.
  • Highlights may include taking part in the annual harvest of commiphora resin – the perfume plant or myrrh made famous by the Bible’s three wise men. Hear how IRDNC, the local support NGO, has assisted conservancies to earn more than N$250 000 each year by marketing this valuable product to top cosmetic companies.
  • Visit Wereldsend, historic base camp of IRDNC from where the now national community-based conservation program was piloted in the early 1980s.
    Watch, day by day, as the story of one of Africa’s most enduring community-based conservation programs unfolds, and meet the people who have made it work on the ground.
  • Enjoy quality campfire cuisine, cold beer and fine wines while staying in conservancy owned campsites.
  • Spend a night or two in the first Himba-owned luxury tented camp on a remote hilltop where you can see forever.


Kunene Conservancy Safaris

For more information please contact us on 01984 667420 or email [email protected]  We have experienced travel with Kunene Conservancy Safaris and would be delighted to help you book your trip.

We offer set date small group departures - maximum of 9 guests on the itineraries below or would be happy to tailor make your own private trip.

Authentic Himba Experience - 4 nights/5 days

Kunene Kaleidoscope - 9 nights/10 days

Kunene Wildlife and Culture with Etosha - 8 nights/9 days

Speciality Safaris led by field experts (5 nights/6 days)

The speciality Safaris include:

Conservation and Culture - Garth Owen-Smith and Dr Margaret Jacobsohn

Desert Lion Safari - Dr Philip Stander

Kaokoland Naturally - Steve Braine

Desert Elephant Project Safari - Dr Keith Leggett