Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
Governors' Loldia House - Lake Naivasha
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Set on the north-western shores and enjoying a spectacular view over Lake Naivasha, Loldia House is a peaceful, beautiful and traditional farmhouse retreat with a rich heritage set on a private conservancy.  The house was completely refurbished in 2018 and a new infinity pool positioned on a rocky outcrop between two ancient fig trees has beautiful views out to the lake.  Loldia House is only a two hour drive from Nairobi and is conveniently located for day trips to the famous Lake Nakuru National Park and discovering the diverse landscapes and wildlife areas of the Great Rift Valley.  Enjoy game drives, walking, birding, horse riding, visit some of the other lakes and parks in the area and visit local communities.  


Loldia House is within a private conservancy on Lake Naivasha in Kenya


Loldia House sits in a conservancy of 6500 acres which stretches from the shores of Lake Naivasha back to the edges of the lush and beautiful Eburru Forest. Nine beautifully furnished ensuite cottages enjoy lake views and are surrounded by flower filled gardens and lawns which are grazed by the conservancy’s resident wildlife – hippos, impala, waterbuck, giraffe and warthog.  Built in WW2 by the Italian Prisoners of War Loldia House is an original Kenyan home on an old farm on the shores of Lake Naivasha.  You can drive, walk or horse ride among the herds of plains game which live alongside farm animals on the ranch.

The House offers a choice of accommodation either in the old family house or in cottages in the grounds. In the main house there is one ensuite double room furnished in the original settler style. Close by are three other guest cottages each housing two separate rooms, all en-suite, surrounded by pretty gardens and offering incredible views across the lake to the extinct volcano, Mount Longonot. Up on the hill is the specially built Top Cottage which has three double bedrooms and its own sitting room with an open log fire making it ideal for families or close friends travelling together. 

There is a lovely pool-side spa room offering a range of treatments to include facials, massages, body scrubs, manicures and pedicures. 


Day Trip to Lake Nakuru National Park - 0ne of the highlights whilst staying at Loldia House is a day trip to the picturesque Lake Nakuru National Park -  famous for thousands of colourful flamingos and abundant rhino.  Park fees are extra.

Game and bird viewing by boat on Lake Naivasha - Lake Naivasha, at over 6,000 feet is the highest lake in the Rift Valley and one of its most beautiful. Fringed by papyrus and with the extinct Mount Longonot as a backdrop, the lake is picturesque and superb for birding. Included in cost.

Day and Night Game Drives on Loldia Conservancy – enjoy day and night game drives on Loldia Ranch to see the resident wildlife on the ranch which includes abundant plains game. Night game drives normally depart after dinner - the drive lasts for around an hour and wildlife you can see include bat-eared fox, aardvark, leopard, long-tailed mongoose, spring hare, nightjars and eagle owls as well as hippo leaving the lake to graze. Game drives on Loldia Conservancy are inclusive in accommodation costs.

Nature Walk on Airstrip – the camp offers a guided nature walk on the airstrip on Loldia Ranch with a naturalist guide and another member of the Loldia team. During the walk it is possible to see some of the wildlife resident on the ranch and be introduced to some of the smaller flora and fauna of the ranch.  Included in the accommodation price.

Walk and Picnic on Crescent Island – take a boat ride over to the picturesque Crescent Island which is actually a peninsular connected to the main land.  With a guide enjoy a walk on the island – the shores host abundant birdlife including pelicans, cormorants and fish-eagles, herds of wildebeest, waterbuck, Zebra and gazelle and hippo.  Giraffe born on the Island return to give birth; sometimes you see three generations at a time. Hyena come to hunt at night but are not resident on the island. Entrance fee for Crescent Island is payable.

Soysambu Conservancy - a working cattle ranch and wildlife conservancy which borders the full western edge of Lake Elmenteita the conservancy promotes coexistence between sustainable ranching and wildlife conservation. The endangered Rothschild Giraffe, Lesser and Greater Flamingo and a healthy population of plains game can be found here, as well as lion.  The conservancy supports an ongoing lion research programme and it is possible to organise a half day of game driving with the researchers to track the lions and learn about behaviours and conservation initiatives protect them including building lion-proof enclosures to protect the cattle. A half day lion tracking with the researchers and conservancy fee is extra.  

You can also visit the raptor rehabilitation centre managed by the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust – entrance and conservancy fee extra.

Eburru Forest - crowns the geologically active Mt Eburru and the biodiversity of the Eburu is astounding with some 60 species of mammal a very small population of the incredibly rare Mountain Bongo.  The House has teamed up the Rhino Ark and the Bongo Surveillance Programme to support their conservation activities of the Eburru Forest and restoring the population of Mountain Bongo.  A walk in the Eburru Forest will reveal active steam vents, a multitude of forest bird species and a rich floral ecosystem. A demonstration of honey harvesting by the Ogiek is a fascinating experience.  Entry fee, hiring a community guide and armed ranger and the Honey Harvesting demonstration is extra.

Trip to Hells Gate National Park - known for its interesting geology and the steam geysers and the cliffs in the park provide ideal nesting and vantage points for many birds of prey. It is possible to hike down the gorge to the hot springs and one of the resident naturalists will be happy to accompany you on the walk.  Hell's Gate Park fees are extra.

Guided Walks around Crater Lake - morning or afternoon walks around a green volcanic lake situated in an old Volcanic Crater. The lakeshore is covered by acacia woodland home to troops of Colobus monkeys and there are plenty of other wildlife to see and spoor tracks to follow.  Entrance fees are extra.

Community Tourism - visit the Loldia School which has been completely rebuilt making it one of the best schools in the region.  The school serves the wider community offering evening adult literacy classes and a kindergarten. The Governors’ Camp Collection supports the work of the Loldia School Fund which is helping provide a standard of education that enables the children attending to better their lives and find a way out of the poverty that exists in this area of Kenya.

Climb Mount Longonot - a dormant volcano which lies in the Great Rift Valley and is visible from Lake Naivasha.  The climb is demanding but the views from the top across the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha are glorious. There is a thick forest on the crater floor and the volcanoes slopes are home to buffalo, eland, lion, leopard, bushbuck, zebra, giraffe, Grants Gazelles as well as countless species of wild flowers and some interesting birdlife.  Please note Mt Longonot is a strenuous climb and you must be in good health and fit to take on the climb.  Park entrance fee is extra.

Visit to flower farm - Kenya is one of the largest growers and suppliers of flowers to the European market.  You will be given a guided walk through the farm's greenhouses to see how the flowers are grown, harvested and prepared for shipment to Europe.  Entry fee is extra.

Horse Riding - located on the south-side of the lake horse rides are available on a wildlife-rich ranch.  Riders of all skills are welcome  and you will be asked about your experience prior to arrival to pair you with the right horse and provide the right level of support. The area is teaming with bat-eared foxes, warthogs, giraffes, hippo, eland, zebra, buffalo and gazelles. Horse riding is extra.



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