12 night Birding in the Himalayan Foothills – A Private Journey

Delhi – Nainital – Pangot – Sattal – Marchulla – Corbett – Delhi – Agra – Delhi

The state of Uttarakhand (once part of Uttar Pradesh) is where the foothill of the Himalayas begins in northern India. The state is blessed with unparalleled natural reserves and natural beauty and is referred to as “Dev Bhoomi” – meaning ‘land of the gods’. India has a huge diversity of wildlife – which also includes a healthy avian diversity. Birds migrate from Europe and Siberia for winter and we even have birds migrating from the continent of Africa flying on the monsoon winds that help carry them here. Of the 1250 odd species that call India home for a part of the year about 650-700 species can be found in Uttarakhand. The state of Uttarakhand is spread over 20,650 sq miles and about 86% of this is mountainous and 65% is covered by forests.

In this adventure we will explore just the foothills and not go any higher than 2500 meters. Key birding destinations that we will be visiting will be Pangot, Kilbury near Nainital, Sattal, forests around Marchulla and to Corbett tiger reserve. We shall combine our birding trail with Agra where we will visit the Taj Mahal.

Best time to travel: February


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