8 Night Highlights of Central India – Satpura Tiger Reserve – A Private Journey

Satpura Tiger Reserve in Central India today offers one of the most diverse wilderness experiences in the country. The Satpura ranges is an important geographical landmark and is part of the Deccan Plateau which literally is the dividing marker between north and south India.

The region is largely hilly, veined by a number of streams and nullahs that have gouged deep ravines in the land – a terrain that perfectly aps the only park in the country that lets you explore its boundless riches through walking safaris, canoe safaris, jeep drives as well as night drives. It also offers the option of camping in the buffer forest. A truly remarkable park.

Highlights of this safari:

  • Exploring the huge wildlife diversity of Satpura that includes: wildcats, wild dogs, gaur, crocodiles along with other lesser reptiles with its huge diversity of birdlife.
  • Exploring the forest in different ways to get different perspective of wilderness.
  • Dedicated team of naturalist that are one of the best in the industry who can showcase the impact and importance of even the smallest and seemingly the most insignificant of species.

Best time to travel: November – March


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