14 Night Snow Leopards and Tigers – Ladakh and Tadoba – A Tailor Made Journey

Yes you can see snow leopards and tigers in one journey! Take advantage of this wonderful trip which takes you to Ladakh and Tadoba Tiger Reserve to see both big cats and a host of other wildlife and birds.

Ladakh which is part of Jammu and Kashmir is home to exceptional wildlife. This diversity is a result of the unique landscape and the weather conditions in the region. The fauna of Ladakh has much in common with that of Central Asia in general and that of the Tibetan Plateau in particular.

During the time of this expedition in winter key wildlife to look for in are as follows:

Mammals: Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, Eurasian Lynx, Pallas Cat, Himalayan Wolf, Himalayan Fox, Ibex, Ladakh Uriel, Blue Sheep, Weasel, Marmot and the Woolly Hare.

Birds: Golden Eagle, Lammergeier, Yellow-billed Chough, Red-billed Chough, Eurasian Magpie, Himalayan Snowcock, Chukar Partridge, White-capped Redstart, Horned Lark, Alpine Accentor, Robin Accentor and Ibis Bill.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

The Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve is the second largest park in Maharashtra with a core area of 625 sq. km and a bigger buffer zone of 1102 sq. km. The park today is one of the best places to see the Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. Teak is the predominant tree species. Other deciduous trees include Ain (crocodile bark), Bija, Dhauda, Haldu, Salai, Semal and Tendu. Beheda, Hirda, Karaya gum, and Mahua are other common species.

Apart from the wildcats, other wildlife that you will find in the region are:

Mammals: Sloth Bear, Dhole (Asiatic wild dog), Gaur (Indian bison), Flying Squirrel, Golden Jackal, Indian Fox and if lucky you might see the Indian Pangolin and the Honey Badger

Birds: Indian Peafowl, Paradise Flycatcher, Golden Oriole, Indian Pitta, 4-5 species of Woodpeckers, 3-4 species of Kingfishers, Crested Serpent Eagle, Changeable Hawk Eagle along with 250 other species of birds.

Reptiles: Marsh Crocodile, Indian Rock Monitor, Rock Agama, Chameleon, Fan-throated Lizard, Russell’s Viper, Indian Rock Python, Spectacled Cobra and many more.

Best time to travel: The best time to look for the snow leopard is December through to March when it is the coldest. The more snow fall there is the better it is as they camouflage well with the rock. Snow Leopards are not white in colour rather they are slate coloured as the rock so they stand out against the snow. Also it is easier to track them as they leave behind tracks in the snow for us to follow them. This coincides with the best time to visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve.


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