Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills/Amboseli/Tsavo
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
Great Plains Ride Kenya - Chyulu Hills
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Ride Kenya Horse Safaris is based on the Maasai-owned Mbirikani Group Ranch - 275,000 acres of wilderness between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks and bordering Chyulu Hills National Park in southern Kenya. With traversing rights to over 1.5 million acres, Ride Kenya Mobile Horse Safaris boasts access to one of the most sought after expanses of Africa. With riding safaris that extend through an awe-inspiring range of ecosystems – from the elephant-filled swamps of Amboseli in the east, across vast savannahs dotted with plains game, to the majestic Chyulu Hills in the west – this is quintessential East Africa. This stunningly beautiful area is incredibly diverse and often has spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

The size and diversity of Ride Kenya’s area of operation is unique amongst horseback safaris and allows Ride Kenya’s guests to experience the ultimate adventure on horseback. The essence of a mobile horse safari is adventure and freedom provided by riding across open terrain dotted with wildlife whilst enjoying different campsite and exploring new scenery daily. 

The terrain of this southeastern region of Kenya is ideal for horseback riding. The coarse volcanic sand and soda ash provide perfect footing, as there’s no slippery substrate, forest debris and very few holes. This allows for steady paced riding over long distances which is a thrill and treat for any keen equestrian. Ride Kenya safaris is aimed at experienced riders looking for a unique combination of thrilling, varied riding and wildlife viewing. 

Ride Kenya is a true mobile operation, meaning it moves from location to location, and a luxury tented camp and highly attentive crew move ahead of the riders each day, providing excellent service, meals and accommodation. 

After full days in the saddle you will return back to the Ride Kenya mobile camp - each traditional yet spacious Selous tent offers an ensuite “safari” bucket shower, short-drop private loo and basin as well as crisp linens and a private veranda. Hot water is supplied on demand for a refreshing post-ride shower and cold drinks are at the ready. Dinner is served under the stars and around the fire. Wholesome three-course meals replenish the reserves in preparation for another day’s riding. Camp is supported and hosted by an entire team of staff. 

Ride Kenya runs a professional stable with 23 well-managed horses, excellent tack and camping equipment and a team of welcoming and experienced staff.  The horses have all been selected for their temperament, their endurance and their comfort. The horses have largely been imported from South Africa and there are a variety of sizes and breeds; from Boerperds, to Thoroughbreds and South African warmbloods. Each is doted upon with care and passion and trained impeccably by our band of merry grooms under the the leadership of Paddy Cowley. 

There are two primary Ride Kenya mobile safari itineraries: the Chyulu Hills Ride and Amboseli Ride. The Chyulu Ride is offered on a range of guaranteed set departures designed for guests to join a group. The Amboseli Ride and other custom rides can also be arranged on request for a private departure mobile horse safari, catering for two to ten riders. 



Mobile Horse safaris itineraries – scheduled and customised 

Ride Kenya’s mobile safaris are offered as set departures or on a custom basis for private groups. Set departures occur throughout the year and the itinerary and dates are fixed in advance catering for groups of up to 10 riders. Game drives and bush walks are also offered during the safari as well as optional community visits and day trips to Amboseli National Park for photographic safaris. Horseback safari itineraries range from intermediate to advanced. 

This signature horse safari has been popular since the start of Ride Kenya. The range of scenery and terrain are perfect for both horse and rider. This ride never fails to provide ample opportunity for fast and varied riding, unforgettable adventures on and off horseback and varied scenery and wildlife sightings. A little less intense than the Amboseli ride in terms of distance and wildlife sightings, this ride is thus well-suited to families, more cautious (though still experienced) riders and those wanting to get off the beaten track and experience a unique holiday on horseback. No small group supplement but itinerary subject to change with small groups. 


•           In addition to the set departures of the Chyulu Ride, rides can be customised for two to ten people of two to ten nights based on availability. 

•           Rider weight limit is 95kg for mobile horse safaris. 

•           All riders must wear helmets. 

•           All mobile safaris are hosted and managed by two guides, who ensure the safety and comfort of the guests at all times. 


Arguably, one of the world’s most thrilling horse safaris. This ride starts on the Kenya-Tanzania border and finishes in the Chyulu Hills. It passes through Amboseli National Park, exploring its wildlife-filled swamps, plains and forests before moving across miles of savannah and ending up atop the Chyulu Hills. This ride is for advanced riders only, who are used to long days in the saddle and riding at speed. Frequent sightings of large mammals, including predators, are expected. 


Guests staying at ol Donyo Lodge can enjoy riding from the stables situated 2km away from the lodge. This riding is suitable for any level of rider, from novice to advanced. Rider weight limit 100kg for day rides from ol Donyo Lodge. In all cases, it is possible to get amazing encounters with giraffe and other plains game from horseback, and finish with a breakfast or sundowner.


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