Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
Karen Blixen Camp - Mara North Conservancy - Masai Mara
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Karen Blixen Camp is an eco-friendly luxury camp set in the Mara North Conservancy which borders the Masai Mara Reserve.  The camp has 22 large luxury canvas tents with views along the Mara River. 

Whilst the camp is quite large, the tents are well spaced and very comfortable with direct views onto the Mara River, an indoor bathroom area and a large outdoor shower.  Ideal for families the camp has a swimming pool,and a resident masseuse offers a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments.

The camp is eco-friendly and has the latest green technologies with solar a panel system for 24 hour electricity, solar water heaters, treatment of waste-water and waste management. 

However, this camp goes further and is training young Maasai students to become professional chefs within their Cooking School on site, offering you the unique opportunity to join in some of the sessions.


Karen Blixen Camp is located in the Mara North Conservancy overlooking the Mara River and bordering the Masai Mara Reserve.

Access is via daily flights from Nairobi Wilson Airport, Samburu, Lewa, Nanyuki, Nakuru, Malindi, Diani and Mombasa to the Mara North Airstrip where you will be met and transferred the short distance to camp via a game drive.


The camp has 22 large and luxuriously styled canvas tents built on wooden decks with private ensuite bathrooms and large outdoor showers.  

Each tent is furnished with comfortable beds, Persian rugs and a cosy armchair and there are charging stations to charge batteries and appliances. The private bathroom has a flush toilet, twin wash hand basins and an outside shower with amazing view to the sky.  From the private veranda you can enjoy undisturbed views of the Mara River or relax with a book on the comfortable cushioned daybed.

There are family and group options where tents are very close together and can be configured for either double or twin occupancy and where under prior arrangement a 3rd and even 4th bed can be added for children below the age of 12.  The camp has one family tent which consists of two tents with a shared veranda.

Karen Blixen Camp is equipped to handle travellers with disabilities and has three tents that are specially designed to allow ease of access. Upon arrival the itineraries are custom designed to allow as much flexibility as possible and the camp has wheelchairs to enable visitors with disability challenges to navigate easily within the camp and there is always a helping hand from the friendly camp staff.

The ‘mess area’ includes a reception, gift shop, restaurant, and lounge area with home-style bar offering a cosy retreat. The mess is built on a raised wooden platform located along the Mara River and overlooks a drinking spot for elephants, giraffes, buffalos, zebras and impalas and is home to a resident hippo pod.

Relax at the swimming pool or enjoy a wide range of treatments and massages at the camp spa.


Karen Blixen Camp protects more than 30,000 ha of the stunning Masai Mara ecosystem in close partnership with over 750 Maasai landowners and 11 tourism partners. Mara North employs 34 rangers to protect the area and its wildlife with the objective of protecting the wild animals from poaching and snaring, manage grazing zones for livestock, respond to and find solutions for human/wildlife conflicts and restore natural habitat areas.

Visit the Leopard Gorge, a vital nursery area for lions and leopards and during the migration season or on request you can go for a full day game drive to the Masai Mara National Reserve. 

Game drives - enjoy early morning game drives, afternoon game drives, full day game drives and night game drives within the Mara North Conservancy. Explore the northern corridor of the conservancy area with the majestic Lemek Hills - a highly important wildlife refuge to a pack of threatened African wild dogs.

During the migration season (or on request) you can choose to go for a full day game drive to the Masai Mara National Reserve or the Mara Triangle to have a chance to see the thousands of wildebeests and zebras crossing the Mara River (please note additional park fees are payable).

Bush Walk - walking is an amazing experience and gives you a wonderful insight into the Masai Mara ecosystem. Walk quietly through the diverse arrays of grasses and enjoy the fresh smell of the plains and the heat of the sun.  Track and try to come close to giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, topis, Grant’s gazelles, Thompson’s gazelles, yellow baboons and Kirks dikdik. 

Birding - take time to enjoy the birdlife of the Masai Mara. Birds are an important part of the Masai Mara ecosystem. You can expect to see many different species from the larger cranes and bustards to the colourful rollers and bee-eaters.  

You can also enjoy the rich bird life around the camp. The shady trees and shrubbery in the garden provide a lovely avian habitat that attracts birds all year round. The combination of the riverine habitat which attracts water birds like hamerkops, herons, geese and sandpipers and the shady garden, which is a haven for purple grenadiers, weavers, starlings, mousebirds, white-browed robin-chats, sooty chats and scarlet-chested sunbirds makes the camp a good spot for Kenyan ornithology.

Balloon safari – fly high above the African plains in a Hot Air Balloon and see nature from a bird’s perspective. When you will land enjoy a lavish champagne breakfast set amidst the bush (additional cost).

Community visits - experience how the Masai people live in the middle of the bush with zebras grazing and lions just outside their homes and get to know their culture and customs on a visit to the traditional Maasai village, the local primary school or the busy market day.

The majority of Maasai still practice their traditional way of life and live as pastoralists with cattle at the centre of their culture and social life. Karen Blixen Camp supports the local Maasai community and guests are able to visit the Mararienda Village, the local primary school and the busy Maasai market.

Bush Wedding - celebrate your wedding at Karen Blixen Camp with a romantic ceremony held on the Masai Mara plains and enjoy a private dinner party overlooking the Mara River.


Karen Blixen Camp protects more than 30,000 ha of the fragile Masai Mara Ecosystem. We guarantee the payments to the Maasai landowners for setting aside their land for wildlife conservation.

The camp runs its own Cooking School and are training young Maasai students to become professional chefs with IT skills. Guests are most welcome to join them for a local cooking experience.

Guests are encouraged to plant trees for conservation with the Forestry School students, leaving a green footprint in the Masai Mara.

The camp offers IT and language education for staff and the local community increasing literacy throughout the area. Eco-friendly Karen Blixen Camp has been constructed to run in the most environmentally friendly manner. Solar panels provide 24 hour electricity, solar heaters heat up water for the outdoor showers, and non-degradable waste is transported back to Nairobi for recycling.

Karen Blixen Camp is member of Eco Tourism Kenya and supports the UN Global Com



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