North Island is set at the far north of the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Seychelles and is a remote, tropical paradise that offers luxurious escape and consummate privacy. The island is a haven for those looking for bespoke, personalised experiences that offer total relaxation and restoration.

The Island has just 11 villas spacious villas offering exclusivity and luxury. All villas have been individually handcrafted and are surrounded by the natural beauty of white sands, granite peaks and turquoise waters. During your stay a North Island villa will be your home-away-from-home and your footprints will be the only evidence on the Island’s vast beaches.

North Island offers freedom and privacy, extraordinary experiences and service that is generously big-hearted.  Activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking and paddleboards, cycling, walking and yoga – or simply relax and enjoy your stunning villa and the amazing beaches!


The Seychelles is a cluster of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off Africa’s east coast.  Lying just south of the equator and beyond the cyclone belt North Island is located amongst the inner granite islands around 30km from Mahe and comprises three granite outcrops with a tropical interior of coconut palms and takamaka trees.  Access is via a 20-minute helicopter flight north west of Mahe.


North Island has just eleven private guest villas offering complete exclusivity and luxury. The villas have been created from local materials harvested during the island rehabilitation process, balancing luxury and simplicity to form an architectural style of barefoot luxury.

Your villa will become your own private beach home. The colours evoke the marine environment, and the fusion of rough and smooth textures and simple and sophisticated forms combine to create an entirely authentic, contextual and sumptuous sanctuary.

There are ten elegant, yet relaxed Beachfront villas set along East Beach with direct access to the beach and ocean. Each villa is completely screened from view by careful siting in harmony with the natural vegetation, ensuring total privacy as well as ocean views.

The villas are open plan with a mixture of textures and artisan-made furniture and fittings. Each Beachfront villa offers total privacy, generous space and your own exclusive tranche of the luminous white sands and turquoise waters of East Beach.

Villa North Island – also known as Villa 11 Villa North Island is perched on the granite boulders at the far end of East Beach and is private and secluded. The volume, scale and luxury of this villa are decadent as it spreads out across multi-tiered levels, cascading down through a coconut grove with direct beach access to the ocean below. The villa has a concealed entrance across a leadwood bridge and a wooden waterfall of decks descend to the beach.  With an over-sized marble bathtub – ideal for sharing – and perfect sunrise views this is the ultimate experience and a wonderful for a luxurious and romantic honeymoon.

The North Island Spa – La Vie by Goldhands – overlooks the turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs and you can relax and enjoy treatments here or in your villa.

Located just below the Spa is the gym with floor-to-ceiling glass walls framing some of the most spectacular views on the island. The 10 x 6-metre air-conditioned indoor area is well equipped with Technogym machines and weights to suit both male and female fitness enthusiasts and there is an additional stretching area on the outside deck for yoga.

A short walk from the Piazza along a shaded forest path reveals one of the island’s best-kept secrets – the 45-metre main swimming pool. All 11 villas feature their own plunge pool, but it’s worth venturing out to experience the main pool’s architectural beauty. Designed to blend seamlessly with the environment the infinity pool is carved into the granite slopes of Spa Hill, curving around giant boulders as it weaves its way along the contour.

The Library is one of the only listed buildings found on the island when development first began, and it was sensitively restored to showcase its original coral block walls and typical arched openings. Once used to store copra, it now houses a beautiful collection of books and a display of black and white photographs of life on North Island during the island’s plantation era. A computer is also available.

North Island’s Environment Centre offers a unique opportunity to further environmental awareness as well as a chance for you to connect with nature while leaving behind a positive impact. It is the hub of environmental activities on the island and serves as a base for resident conservationists and environmental volunteers. Join them for an environmental presentation or plant an indigenous tree on the island.


The sand on the idyllic North Island beaches feels soft and fluffy – almost like powdered sugar underfoot. The tides have been moving sand up and down the beaches on a cyclical basis for millennia, washing and refining it. A natural phenomenon on North Island, the beaches migrate around the island in a ceaseless seasonal pattern dictated by the ocean currents. Depending on the stage of the cycle at the time of your visit, some beaches will be wider or narrower than others.

East Beach – every villa has direct, discreet access to the Island’s main beach, a ribbon of gleaming sand which runs almost the entire length of the island from the Piazza Bar & Lounge to Villa North Island.

West Beach -each day’s sunset sees the beach washed in pastel colours as you enjoy a relaxing evening cocktail or two.

Honeymoon Beach – one of the world’s most romantic beaches thanks to its private location in a curve of the rocks. The ideal place for a long, lazy afternoon reconnecting and an idyllic hideaway for beach picnics.


Located amongst the inner granitic islands of Seychelles, North Island is the setting for the Noah’s Ark conservation and island rehabilitation programme. Islands have been referred to as the “laboratories of evolution” and North Island biodiversity is living proof of this. Spending time with the Environmental Team or simply exploring the island at your own pace will allow you to appreciate the results of the effort that has gone into rehabilitating this natural idyll.

Scuba Diving – North Island’s Dive Centre offers full PADI tuition and certification. Expert Seychellois dive masters with intimate knowledge of the local reefs and the very best dive spots, plus state-of-the-art SCUBA equipment, make for a memorable dive experience.

Snorkelling in the Indian Ocean just off North Island – allows you to glide along the line where the sky meets the sea giving you a dolphin’s eye view down through the warm-crystal clear waters to the inshore reefs below – a unique perspective on remarkable marine coral and fish biodiversity.

Fishing on North Island – the Equatorial waters off Seychelles offer some of the best fishing in the world and the boat captains know these waters like the backs of their hands, the best places to throw in a line, wind direction and sea conditions.

Sea Kayaking – explore the calm turquoise waters around North Island and enjoy a gentle work-out paddling in the light with encounters with harmless rays and dolphins are a real possibility. The currents are mild enough that it is possible to paddle all the way round the Island stopping off at secluded beaches and secret coves along the way.

Stand Up Paddling – for a more challenging marine workout check out a paddle board from the dive centre and paddle in the warm waters off East Beach.

Sunset Cruises – explore the private shores from the sea and drop anchor as the sun begins to dip below the horizon enjoy sundowners and canapes. See dolphins dancing in the wake of the boat or a ‘flock’ of flying fish – all of our cruises and activities are done on a private basis.

Cycling Around North Island – each villa has two quality bikes so you to explore the island at your own pace in search of tortoises, local birdlife or a cocktail at West Beach Bar.

Guided Walks on North Island – accompany one of the guides for the stroll up Spa Hill to the best views of North Island and learn more about the fascinating history conservation of North Island.

North Island Golf Buggies – each villa has an electric buggy for your total convenience – quiet and emission-free, the Island buggies are entirely in keeping with the philosophy of Island conservation.

Yoga on North Island – begin each day with an inclusive morning yoga session to relax and revitalise both body and soul. Catering to yoga novices and addicts alike the wekk trained instructors quietly assess your level of expertise and adjust the pace of the class accordingly.

Full Day Excursions with North Island – optional extra full-day excursions on board one of the fully-equipped guest boats let you explore more of what Seychelles has to offer – the culture, cuisine, and scenery of an island nation that has long been a blend of many different influences: European, African, and Creole.

Kids Activities – North Island is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy as a family and has a wide range of activities on land and in the water designed to keep young minds and bodies active, to satisfy the most inquisitive and thrill the most adventure-seeking.  With a children’s play and arts and crafts area, jungle gym, swings, trampoline and toys galore all activities are supervised to ensure your children will be well looked after and entirely safe.


In collaboration with Green Islands Foundation the environmental and dive team help to collect data on the diversity and abundance of corals, invertebrates and fish life on a regular basis. These surveys help with baseline data for the management of the marine life in the Seychelles and provide support for North Island’s vision of becoming a protected Ecological Marine Reserve.

North Island has played a vital role in rescuing the Seychelles white-eyes from the brink of extinction. In 2007, 25 of these Critically Endangered bird species were released on the Island. Over the years their numbers have increased to almost five times the original population. The island now conserves a large portion of the global population.

North Island is an important nesting site for both the Hawksbill and Green turtle – the Island is known to have the highest density of nesting Green Turtles of all the inner islands of the Seychelles. With both species being legally protected in Seychelles and the Hawksbill turtle considered to be Critically Endangered the island monitors nesting frequency and have recorded improvements in the number of nesting on the island over the years.

The lodge is continually looking for ways to reduce their footprint. Initiatives from banning single-use plastics like straws and recycling right through to waste water treatment plants all ensure that our island remains pristine.

You can get involved during your stay through presentations, walks with inhouse environmentalists and meeting the resident wildlife – including seasonal nesting turtles and hatching.


NOVEMBER – MARCH : warmer and more chance of rain, excellent underwater visibility of 15 – 40m and sea temperatures of 27 – 29c

APRIL AND OCTOBER : transition season, pleasant climate, no wind, little rain, flat ocean and outstanding visibility.  Extends to March, May and September

MAY – SEPTEMBER : sunniest time of year with temperatures of 25 – 30c, water temperatures of 24 – 25c, underwater visibility of 1 – 15m



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