Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp - Busanga Plains - Kafue National Park
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Ntemwa-Busanga Camp is a very simple and rustic bush camp set in a remote and wilderness area on the southern edge of Busanga Plains.  This tiny and remote bush camp is sister to Musekese Camp and is a three-hour game drive between the camps. 

This simple but charming camp is perfectly placed to make the most of the diverse Busanga Plains and to explore its multitude of habitats - from riverine thickets in the south, the tree-lined edges and the productive flooded grasslands in the centre and the variety of wildlife that inhabit them.


Ntemwa-Busanga Camp is located on the southern edge of Busanga Plains in the Kafue National Park in Zambia. Access is via a 5 hour road transfer or by a light aircraft flight from Lusaka to Musekese Camp and a further 3 hour game drive to Busanga Plains.


This small and simple camp consists of just 4 classic safari tents which are accompanied by open-air ensuite bathrooms at the rear with flushing toilets and warm bucket showers. 

There are two main areas - one a raised deck overlooking the vast Busanga Plains and another lower level shaded stretch-canvas area with comfortable furniture to recline in the heat of the day.  

The main deck supplies a modest amount of power for charging cameras and other devices.


Kafue National Park is a unique and pristine wilderness with magnificent scenery, game viewing and bird watching. Still today some two thirds of the Park remains designated as Wilderness Area where only walking is allowed.

This pristine wilderness is made up of an incredible collection of diverse habitats. From the remote and seasonally inundated Busanga swamps in the north of the park, through the central miombo woodlands and dambos to the more sandy southern plains. Not to mention the evergreen forested areas that line the banks of the mighty Kafue River and its tributaries.

The wildlife of the Busanga Plains is as varied as it is numerous. Regional specials such as roan antelope and sable antelope are common sightings here. Along with thousands of red lechwe there is no shortage of game to view and photograph. Busanga Plains is also home to some of the largest herds of buffalo in the park, with numbers over 600, a sight to behold.

The Southern Plains areas are home to wildebeest and zebra, along with herds of the diminutive oribi and secretive reedbuck.   Predators are here too with a dominant lion pride, the ‘Papyrus Pride’ resident to the wetter plains in the north and both the Moshi and Lufupa prides utilising the areas to the north and south of Ntemwa-Busanga camp.  Leopard are here too especially along the tree-line of the plains - the same area that offers cheetah sightings from time to time and late season wild dog sightings.

Ntemwa-Busanga Plains Camp has access to a vast road network covering the expanse of the Busanga Plains and southern treelines and night drives are permitted so all the vehicles are equipped with spotlights and red-filters to spot nocturnal animals.

The Busanga Plains area only becomes accessible from July and the camp stays open to November or December, depending on the weather.

Game drives - are a sure bet for wildlife photographers allowing you to get closer and cover greater distances. We have a modest road network designed by us to maximize game viewing opportunities whilst also preserving the different habitats and leaving great expanses for walking.

Walking Safaris - are best in the morning when temperatures are cool and tracks and signs are fresh! Walks are tailored to suit but are typically a gentle amble through the bush. This allows you to experience the smaller, more intricate things that might be missed from a vehicle.

Bird Watching - birding is exceptional throughout the Kafue – whether on a multi-hour birding walk in the bush, or on a short meander around the confines of the camps with your guide and/or host, you will be sure to see birds both numerous and rare.



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