Shumba Camp Overview
Shumba - Kafue National Park
Shumba - Kafue National Park
Shumba - Kafue National Park
Shumba - Kafue National Park
Shumba - Kafue National Park
Shumba - Kafue National Park
Shumba - Kafue National Park

Shumba Camp is located in the centre of the Busanga Plains, home to hundreds of red lechwe, ubiquitous puku, stately roan and the diminutive oribi.

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Shumba - a Wilderness Safaris Camp - is a luxurious camp named after the prides of lion seen in the area and is found on a tree island in the centre of Busanga Plains. Home to hundreds of red lechwe, puku and other plains game and their predators, the wild and remote floodplains are teeming with wildlife.


Shumba is situated in the middle of the Busanga Plains within the Kafue National Park and is in the midst of various lion pride territories, offering some of the best lion viewing in Africa. These lion are often seen in and around camp. The area is also perfectly situated to see large numbers of plains game such as puku, red lechwe, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, oribi, buffalo and wildebeest. Cheetah and wild dog may also be seen, while a special treat is the ‘resident’ herd of rare roan antelope. For birding enthusiasts the park boasts 491 species, including endemics such as Chaplin's barbet.


Shumba has six luxury tented units raised on wooden platforms. Each spacious unit is a tranquil space from which to observe the wilderness which can be done from your bed, the various seating areas or even the indoor or outdoor showers.

Shumba is powered by a hybrid system, combining a diesel-powered generator that charges a bank of batteries, which in turn supplies part of the camp with electricity through an inverter.  The generator only needs to operate for eight hours a day. In addition, each guest tent has its own small solar panel and inverter as well as a solar-powered geyser to provide hot water. Every effort to conserve water has been made by using water-efficient devices in the camp for both guests and staff. Waste water (sewage and grey water) is treated in an Above Ground Sewage Plant, ensuring that the water is clean before being allowed to enter the natural environment. Energy-efficient lights and appliances are used so as to reduce our power expenditure. Like all Wilderness camps, Shumba Camp is managed and monitored against very strict in-house environmental standards, so only approved eco-friendly detergents and chemicals are used.


Activities at Shumba include 4 x 4 day and afternoon game drives and night drives, boating through the channels at the beginning of the season when the floodplains are still filled with water and experience.  Enjoy a unique birding safari to catch sight of some of Kafue’s 491 bird species, participate in nature walks and float over Busanga Plains on a hot air balloon safari!


Wilderness Safaris aims to help expand the area’s ecotourism presence, support anti-poaching activities, and provide local employment and other opportunities.  Employment opportunities were initially in construction as more than 150 casual labourers from remote surrounding villages helped to build the camps - and then later in the camps. With permanent employment has come training and skills development.

The Wilderness Trust supports a number of projects including a strategic management plan and monitoring of lions and other carnivores as well as a human-elephant conflict study and resolution. These projects contribute towards a better understanding, as well as the sustainable management, of Kafue National Park and Zambia’s wildlife areas. 

Shumba is closed between 1st June and 31st October each year

Family friendly camp

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