Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park
Big Cave Camp - Matobo Hills National Park


Big Cave Camp is a stunning owner managed camp located on a beautiful thousand hectare privately owned wilderness area bordering the Matobo National Park and within the UNESCO World heritage area. The lodge is one of the oldest lodges in the area and has been recently renovated to give the rooms a lovely fresh feel to compliment the spectacular views into the National Park. 

The design of the lodges is A-frame granite under thatch which ensures they are cool in summer and warm in winter. The eight ensuite lodges are all different and resonate African creative flair - a honeymoon suite, five standard lodges and a family suite for those with small children.

Big Cave offers a wide range of activities from Rhino Tracking in the National Park to a range of walks and drives on the Big Cave wilderness area including spectacular sundowner spots. Experience the incredible San rock art paintings at one of the famous rock art galleries and the grave of Cecil John Rhodes for an amazing historical experience that includes tales of battles fought in the Hills. 


Big Cave Camp is located in the Motobo Hills bordering the Motobo Hills National Park in Zimbabwe.  Access is


The camp has 6 standard lodges - Igogo, Mbila, Bhalabhala, Bhejane, Skhova, Ndwangu – all with ensuite flush toilet, shower and basin with hot water. The lodges can be made up as king size beds or with two singles and have doors which open onto a private deck with beautiful views.

Ntwane is the honeymoon suite which has a queen size bed, lounge area, ensuite flush toilet, shower and basin with hot water. Doors open onto a private deck with spectacular views.

Ingwe is a family suite accommodating 2 adults and 2 children with ensuite flush toilet, shower and basin with hot water. Doors open onto a private deck with wonderful views.

The camp has a natural rock pool and sundeck and a unique dining room in the Leopards Lair lounge.  Enjoy predinner drinks in the cave-style boma or the lodge library. The camp offers bush breakfasts and dinners in stunning locations on request. 


On the 5th July 2003 the Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe were inscribed onto the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Huge granite masses – seamed, split, shaped and sculptured by time and the elements - form an array of giant whalebacks and castellated kopjes that cover 3000 square km of Matabeleland South Province. 

These are the Matobo Hills located south of Zimbabwe's second largest city of Bulawayo. Forty thousand years ago the caves and crevices carved out of these rocks became home to Zimbabwe’s earliest inhabitants, the San. Twenty thousand years later San artists began painting on the walls of caves and rock shelters using special pigments and natural minerals that have survived the onslaught of climate and time.

Many caves contain superb galleries of Bushman paintings - one of which is Bambata - located no more than 10km from Big Cave Camp. Other Bushman paintings may be seen on the private wilderness in secluded caves and rock shelters.

Today the Matobo Hills are a place of peace. However this area is still held in reverential awe by local communities and ceremonies continue to be performed to assist in the making of rain.

Bird Watching – the Matobo Hills boasts one of the highest concentrations of birds of prey anywhere in the world. Big Cave has several nesting sites on and adjacent to the property. The Black Eagle is one of the more majestic birds to grace the area, and other sought after species is the elusive Cape (Mackinder's) Eagle Owl.

Rhino tracking into Matobo National Park - qualified guides will take you in 4 x 4 safari open vehicles into the Matobo National Park. Once in the Park rhino are located and the vehicle is parked close to where the rhino was seen or near fresh spoor.  You will then continue on foot accompanied by a team of National Parks officers to get up close to the white rhino. There is an extra charge for this activity.

Visit to famous rock art galleries and Rhodes Grave / Worlds view - normally done in the afternoon you will drive from the lodge and enter the Park from the Western side. You will then drive to Nswatugi cave which is one of the best quality San rock art sites in the Matobo National Park.  You will then drive via Maleme Dam to Rhodes Grave arriving around sunset which makes for a wonderful historical tour and sun downers with an incredible view. There is an extra charge for this activity.

Visits to Whitewaters Secondary School, Ndebele village and Traditional healer – the camp has been supporting the Whitewaters Secondary School for around 25 years and it is a remarkable project. At one point during a severe drought the camp was feeding the entire school of 480 children lunch every day. Today the camp is sponsoring the education of over 40 children every year through donor funding from guests and building a large computer block at the school which will have 24 laptop computers for the children to use. You can visit the school and join classes and chat to the staff.  Afterward you will visit one of the local Ndebele villages and a traditional healer.  There is an extra charge for this activity.

Local Drive on Big Cave Property – there are lots of plains game to see, 100 year old grain bins as well as rock art. Sun downers are usually at either Leopard rock or at Lightning rock. Both have magnificent views. There is an extra charge for this activity.

Walk on Big Cave property – enjoy a 1.5 hour walk on the property to view rock art, grain bins, balancing rocks and just the general fauna and flora of the Matobo area. The granite is incredibly easy to walk on and makes for a very pleasant walk. There is an extra charge for this activity.



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