Little Makalolo Camp
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park
Little Makalolo Camp - Hwange National Park


Little Makalolo is a small, tented camp which lies in one of Hwange’s most ecologically-diverse areas ensuring both variety and numbers of animals year round. A large number of waterholes attracts game and with a waterhole in front of camp you can watch wildlife from the pool, your breakfast table or from the camp’s log-pile hide. 

Activities include game drives, walking safaris and cultural activities which sometimes end at the “pizza stop” at Madison Pan.  The camp has a beautiful Star Bed perched in a tree which gives you the opportunity to sleep out under the stars during your stay.

Little Makalolo is nestled in a dappled tree-line and has just six stylish tents - including a family unit - with both indoor and outdoor showers.  The tents are connected to the main area by teak walkways where a towering false mopane tree shades a separate dining and living area with views of the much-frequented waterhole.

Wilderness Safari’s partnership with the Scorpions Anti-Poaching Unit – which includes conducting patrols and removing snares – is critical in aiding the survival of Hwange’s wildlife.


Little Makalolo Camp is located in the private Linkwasha Concession within the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Access is either by a 3 – 4 hours road transfer or by light aircraft from Victoria Falls.


The camp has just 5 stylish and spacious tents with ensuite bathrooms including double vanities and indoor and outdoor showers. Solar power is used for tent lights and to heat water ensuring a lighter environmental footprint.

Additionally the camp has one family luxury canvas tented unit which has two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and entrance with inter-leading door between the two rooms.

Linking the tents to the main area are teak walkways. Here a false mopane tree in the centre of the camp shades a separate dining and living area with an open fire deck for drinks under the stars. The bar and breakfast room are set on a raised pool deck with stunning views of the waterhole in front of camp.


Hwange’s mix of different veld and landscape types means that game viewing is superb year-round. Wildlife that you might be able see in the area include lion, large herds of elephant, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, spotted hyaena, giraffe, sable, blue wildebeest, impala, waterbuck and reedbuck. In summer, wildebeest, zebra and eland are found in abundance on the open plains while in winter elephant congregate in enormous numbers around the waterholes. Birdlife in the area is prolific (400+) and varied.

Game Drives - with access to two of the best private concessions in Hwange game drives at Davison’s offer the chance to see the large herds as well as carnivores – lion, hyena and cheetah.

Guided Nature Walks - Hwange was proclaimed some 80 years ago and has served as a haven for one of the densest concentrations of game in Africa. There is no better way to experience this park than on foot with one of the camp’s experienced safari guides.

Log-pile Hide - this hide is beautifully placed at the camp’s waterhole and is the perfect place to spend your afternoon siesta hours. Elephants are often the star attraction at the hide - just watch out for the sprays of water propelled from their trunks!

Evening Drives – a night drive offers the chance to see many less-frequently-seen species such as lesser bushbaby, spotted hyaena, pangolin, caracal, porcupine, springhare, scrub hare, Selous mongoose and honey badger.

Village Visit - a village experience takes place in a manner that is respectful to all parties. Usually around four hours and guided by one of the local villagers or a Wilderness guide, it often includes a guided tour of the school, meeting the headman or headwoman and enjoying cultural exchanges with the villagers.


As the concessionaire of the private Linkwasha and Makalolo areas in south-eastern Hwange National Park Wilderness have formed partnerships with the Zimbabwe Parks, Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) and other conservation entities as well as the local community to help protect wildlife and support communities in surrounding villages.

During the dry season, Hwange’s water resources are tested to the limit. The 14 pumps within their 523km² concessions must therefore be maintained and refuelled daily to ensure a vital water supply for Hwange’s wildlife. From early April, the pumping season gets into full swing with the pumps running 24 hours a day right through until the end of November or sometimes December, when summer rains arrive. To keep up with the elephants alone is a major task – about 70 000 litres of water per pump per 24 hours! 

Wilderness Safaris and the Wilderness Wildlife Trust are supporting a study that aims to gain a better understanding of elephant movements and habitat use in Hwange where elephant density is particularly high. Ten elephants have been collared and are being monitored

Wilderness also work with ZPWMA, the Scorpions Anti-Poaching Unit which protects 56 000 hectares (138 000 acres) in the south-eastern region of Hwange. Since inception in 2011 the unit has made great progress in reducing poaching levels within the Park and Wilderness support them through funding, assisting in patrols and removing snares. Depending on the unit's movements, guests are sometimes able to visit and interact with the team and learn more about their daily anti-poaching activities.

Some of the community work Wilderness are involved in are building classrooms, clinics and libraries, funding stationary and equipment, teacher training and establishing and supporting community initiatives.  It provides one meal on every school day of the year to the children of five schools on the outskirts of Hwange.



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