Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve
Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve
Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve
Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve
Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve
Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve
Nomad Kiba Point - Selous Game Reserve


Kiba point is a totally exclusive little retreat in the heart of one of the most game-rich areas the Selous.  It's set back off the river and has just 4 large and open-fronted rooms. Bathrooms are bush deluxe with flush toilets, indoor and outdoor showers and hot and cold water as and when you want.  Each room has its own plunge pool set into the edge of the deck and there is also a large pool at the main thatched mess. 

Kiba Point has its own small team of guides and staff, all of whom can help you plan your activities. Head out every day either on foot, by boat or by vehicle - as you want and when you want - that's the beauty of your own private camp.


Kiba Point is perched on the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania.


Kiba Point has just four ensuite rooms which are all open-fronted with views across the bush to the Rufiji beyond - and all with their own private plunge pool. The rooms have high thatched roofs and canopied mosquito nets over the beds. There is an open-fronted ensuite bathroom with an inside and outside shower and the benefit of a great view but complete privacy. Lots of hot and cold water and flush toilets.

One of the rooms has an adjoining children's twin which is not open like the main bedroom, and shared bathroom.


At Kiba Point all your activities are totally exclusive. Just you and your guide meaning you can take things your holiday at your own pace.

Safari game drives - at Sand Rivers the open-sided 4x4 vehicles are a great way of seeing wildlife and covering a bit of distance and game drives give you the best views, access and photographic opportunities to the wildlife that calls the Selous home. The camp offers either two drives a day, in the early morning and then the early afternoon, with a wonderful siesta and lunch in camp between. In the times of year when it's not too hot you can also venture out for full day game drives with a packed picnic lunch.

Walking wild – often the best way to see wildlife, to avoid scattering animals from the lakeshore, or spooking a herd of elephant as they feed their way through a stretch of lush grassland, is to hop down and quietly work our way into a good position on foot. Walking in the bush takes safari down to a slower pace and is a chance to learn, touch and feel Africa, to get a glimpse at the incredible flora and little critters that call it home.

Boat safari - being on the river is a fantastic contrast to time spent in a vehicle. Drifting silently downstream, gently spiralling in the current, watching the riverbanks unfold is hard to beat. More often than not there are treats in store; vast flocks of great white pelicans fishing in dwindling pools, wallowing families of elephant socialising, prides of lion sleeping off a meal.

Fly camping - is a peculiarly East African passion and the way things were done in the old days; with the minimum of fuss, but not scrimping on any of the comforts. As is so often the way, when you limit the frills, it allows you to really see what's special and what's going on around you.  Watching elephant as they pass by your camp in the moonlight, silent feet in the warm sand, or simply gazing through the mosquito net roof of your tent from the comfort of your bedroll. 

And sometimes the best way to see game is to let it come to you. Breakfast on a sand bank in Stigler's Gorge watching elusive monkey-hunting crowned eagles and listening to shrill cries of Hyraxes as you dangle a hook in the water.  All in all, days at Kiba Point aren't about box ticking, or endless driving in search of the next animal. It's a sense of gradual absorption in this corner of the natural world that you feel.



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