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Okavango Horse Safaris operates in 2 private concession areas covering 2500 sq. km, situated on the western side of the Delta and bordering with Moremi Game reserve.

Non Riders: Okavango Horse safaris can accommodate non-riders but must be informed at the time of booking. Non-riders have their own guide and enjoy game drives, fishing, walks and mokoros. The itinerary is very much tailored to individual needs and a sample itinerary is available on request.

Weight Limit: Maximum weight limit is 200lbs (14 1/2 Stones or 90kg).

Safety:professional guides lead all safaris. A .375 rifle is carried on all rides. All camps, vehicles and activities have radio communication. A safety briefing is given at the beginning of the safari with detailed information about how to handle a big game situation.

Guiding: Qualified professional guides lead all rides. A keen interest is taken in the birds as well as the flora and fauna of the area. During your stay you will also learn many of the traditional uses of plants and trees of the delta. Guides are both dedicated and knowledgeable.

Tack: Tack is English-style leather saddles with seat savers. The tack is of a high quality, saddles are well known makes including Ideals, Barnsbys, Fieldhouse and Symonds. All horses go in snaffle bridles. Okavango Horse Safaris has a well-established reputation for the quality of both horses and tack.

Size of Rides: Maximum 8 guests unless requested to ride as a bigger group. Okavango Horse Safaris can accommodate up to 12 in a private group.

Children: Children are accepted, but they must be strong, competent riders. They should have a certificate from a pony club or qualified instructor to attest this. There is no adjustment in price for children.

Riding Ability: Minimum riding ability required is mastery of the basic aids:

  • ability to post to the trot for stretches of 10 minutes at a time,
  • to be comfortable at all paces
  • able to gallop out of trouble

It is a great advantage if you are fit and a proficient rider. Beginners are not accepted.

Types of Horses: Full and part breed thoroughbreds, pure Arabs and Anglo Arabs, Saddlebred crosses, Boerperds. The horses are between 14hh and 17hh, well schooled, responsive and even-tempered. There is a wide range of horses suitable for the competition rider to the steady hack, every effort is made to match the rider and horse.

There is plenty of selection with over 60 horses in camp. The horses are sure footed in their terrain and comfortable in their environment.

Length of Rides: Between 4-6 hours in the saddle a day. This includes refreshment breaks and a short 10-minute walk for every 2 hours spent in the saddle, (this eases up the riders muscles and helps the horse from the constant weight of the rider). Full day rides feature picnic lunches with siesta time through the heat of the day.

Terrain: The Okavango Delta has been described as a water meadow. Palm islands, grassy flooded plains, mopane forests, and clear streams. Highest water is normally between May and September. Many of the flood plains are full at this time of year and the horses wade through from island to island. The going is normally good along the edges of the islands allowing the ride to move on. Nothing can quite describe the feeling of cantering through shallow clear water with giraffe and zebra splashing next to you.

Other Activities: Although the main priority is riding, alternative activities are offered during the afternoons that are not day rides. A six hour morning ride can be tiring so afternoons are spent at leisurely pace with evening bird walks, mokoros (traditional dugout canoe), fishing (water levels permitting), game drives with sundowners and night drives.


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